Selling in Dallas/Fort Worth: Key Questions

Are you thinking about selling your home for cash in the Dallas/Fort Worth area?  We have two questions for you to think about first…

If you happen to be in a situation where you might be looking at a foreclosure on your home and are you are trying to get out of it – if you need to get cash quickly on your Dallas/Fort Worth home for any other reason (maybe you have inherited a house, you are moving for a job or family, lost your job, or your realtor can’t sell your home, etc)…you would be a good candidate to consider selling your home to an experienced home buyer.

There are a lot of benefits that come from selling to a professional home buyer for cash…you will be able to improve your credit and get the extra cash into your account to take care of the important things in your life.  Because you sold your home before the home went into foreclosure, it will not affect your credit score in the same way.  If you wait for the foreclosure to happen, not only will you be forced out of the property, but you will also damage your credit rating.This will make it more difficult to find housing moving forward.

Step One to selling your Dallas/Fort Worth home is to know your numbers.  Know what your home is worth and exactly how much you owe and what you are behind on.  If you need help with a home evaluation, contact us at or 817.291.0958 (call/text).  There is no obligation, we will simply provide you the comps in your neighborhood and current value of your home.  Then contact your home lender and negotiate to help you come up with fair payments to stay in your home or find a reasonable way out.

Questions to think about…

  1. What is my timeline to sell my Dallas/Fort Worth home?

This is very important, and it will determine what options are available to you.

If there is more time available, there are more options – less time, fewer options.  

If you are under a two month (or less) timeline, you will unlikely be able to sell your home using a traditional real estate agent, showings, etc.  Generally, this process takes 3-6 months and you need to consider the fees involved.  

If under a tight timeline, contact us at 817.291.0958 (call/text) or email and we would be happy to talk you through the home buying process.  We provide all cash offers that are fair and transparent.  We can close as quickly as 2-3 weeks or on your timeline.

  1. What do you need to get for your home in Dallas/Fort Worth?

The idea here is what do you “NEED”.  If you have the time to list the home with a real estate agent to get the full retail price, that is an option.  Remember that timeline is up to 6 months and you need to calculate the fees involved (approximetely 9% of the price of the home after closing costs and commisions).  If your timeline is tight, review what you actually “NEED” for the home and contact us and see what we can do for you.  A lot of times, after the closing costs, commissions, and time – our offer is close to what you net from listing with an agent.  In a transaction with a professional homebuyer (like CasaSync Group), we pay all the closing costs and there are no realtor fees).  

Now all you have to do is TAKE ACTION!

If you looking to sell a home (no matter the reason) in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, and receive a cash offer and close quickly – we are for you.

If you just need help evaluating the value of your home or have questions, we are happy to help however we can.  There is never any pressure from us.  You will not be bombarded with phone calls, emails – we are a family-owned and operated company that works hard to be transparent and fair.  

Just remember to review the following:
1. What is your timeline (how fast)
2. What do you need to receive (how much)

Once you have a clear picture of these two questions you can make decisions!

Here is a quick overview the options:

List with a Real Estate Agent – This process can take up to 6 months and with closing costs and commissions, expect that to be approximately 9% of the home sale.  This option (if you have the time) will likely get you closer to retail value for your home.

Local Home Buyer (like CasaSync Group) – If you your timeline is quick, we can buy your Dallas/Fort Worth home fast.  We will not offer you full retail value, however, we cover all closing costs and there are no commissions involved.  The offer we give is what you walk away with.  The time and hassle of multiple showings make it worth the extra money six months from now.  You can reach us 817.291.0958 (call/text) or to learn more.

Talk with your Lender – If you are behind on your mortgage or getting close to foreclosure – your lender may have options for you.  Several banks now offer mortgage relief programs.  They can offer you help or at least give you advice to help relieve the stress.a

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