Key Questions about selling in Arlington!

If you want to sell your house Arlington, Texas can be a task!  It can take some work if your home is not in good condition.  Everyone wants to get the most money for their home and make the process easy and low stress.  Considering selling to a company that buys homes in Arlington for cash is a great way to maximize your profits in a few different ways:
1. There are no real estate agent commissions, you deal directly with the buyer
2. Professional home buying companies, like CasaSync Group pay all closing costs
3.  Wondering how fast you can close?  CasaSync Group can close as quickly as two weeks!

While selling the traditional route is a good option for some in Arlington…for others selling directly can be a simpler, easier decision. 

Over the years, CasaSync Group has gotten lots of questions from Arlington sellers about the process of selling directly.  We will go through those top 5 questions about selling in Arlington!

1. What are the pros of selling direct in Arlington?

Fees, time, and control…
You can save money without paying commissions or closing costs.  In most cases that can be up to 7-9% of the sales price.
The timeline of the sale is up to the seller, you pick your closing date…there are no contingency offers!
Finally control, you negotiate directly with the buyer.

2. Is my house in Arlington right for a cash sale?

Almost every home in Arlington is a good candidate for a cash sale, however…you do need to consider the value of your home.
Review the area of your home, the level of work your home needs to be in top of market, and what the housing market is demanding at that moment.  At CasaSync Group – we buy homes in Arlington and all over Dallas/Fort Worth, in any condition no matter those factors.  But, we will be transparent with you about what we believe will get you the highest value for your home.

3. What is my home in Arlington worth?

Determining the value of your property depends on a lot of different factors.  A professional appraisal can review the location, condition and demand for your property.  Another way to review is to look at recently sold homes in neighborhoods that are in similar condition and size as yours to get an idea of where you stand in value.  At CasaSync Group, we will always be transparent about how we evaluate properties.  We will share all the information and there is never a charge…even if you are just researching! 

4. If I sell directly, what happens?

The process is actually pretty simple and fast!  At CasaSync Group, we use an easy four step process!

  1. Call us and we will ask some basic questions about the property and schedule a tour of the property.
  2. We will view the property and make you an all-cash offer.
  3. If our offer works for you, we will get you contract and agree on a closing date
  4. Upon closing, you will receive your funds!

It is real and it is just that simple!

5. But, how long does it actually take?

That is really up to you…from the initial call to scheduling the tour of the property!  We will work as quick or slow as you would like.  Consider some factors that may hinder the process such as probates or multiple family members that may have to agree.  At CasaSync Group, we make it as fast and simple as we can!

Usually, we can move a transaction as quick as two weeks!

At CasaSync Group, we are professional home buyers that are local to Arlington.  We know the area and want to help provide the best service to our clients.  We will be transparent and honest through the process. 

Give us a call anytime…there are never any obligations, even if you just want to get an idea of what your home is worth today!

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