Real Estate Agent Fees vs. Investor Fees

If you are looking to sell to make some extra money from one of your rentals or a home you inherited, etc…when you start reviewing all the documents you realize you might have to PAY money to sell.  Below we talk about real estate agent fees vs. investor fees.  You might be surprised!

When you prep to sell your home in Arlington it can come with out of pocket fees.  This is not everytime by the way!  We have compiled an easy way to see the difference between investors and real estate agent fees.

Agent Fees

Real estate agents are in the business of sales.  They work to help present your home so you can get a buyer.  They use various tools and marketing strategies to make this happen.

Agents take a fee for their work, it is a commission that generally the seller has to pay on both the seller and buyer.  This is generally around 6% for each agent in the transaction.  They also may charge you for other marketing costs to help sell your home in Arlington.  Some agents charge fees for listing or for the sign in your yard.  The fees can also include work with the title company and so on.

Investor Fees

What surprises most individuals when they prep to sell their house in Arlington and review all the options…is that when you work with investors…there are rarely any fees.  The investor that you choose to work for will generally handle all the closing costs and there are no real estate commissions because you are selling off-market.

The price you agree on is what you receive minus any taxes you might owe.  You should also know that when working with investors to sell your home in Arlington they will not purchase at retail value.  However, after you take in the commissions and fees, they are sometimes similar take aways.

One thing you have not considered!

One more thing you might not have considered! 

When you work with an agent, they will want your house in good working condition.  This means there might be house fixes minor and major!  You are looking at more time to sell on the open market which turns into more mortgage payments, utility payments, etc.  

An investor purchase happens quickly when you sell your home in Arlington.  Usually 3 weeks or less and you do not have to make any major or minor repairs!

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