Pros/Cons to selling your Arlington home to an investor over using a realtor!– Read to find out!

Looking at selling your Arlington home?  Read our blog to learn some key points about your options on how to sell in Arlington.  If you have more questions please reach out to us – we are a company that buys homes in Arlington for cash!

Cons to selling to an investor 

Most families looking to sell in Arlington – look to find a realtor to help with them with a traditional buy/sell process.  There is also an option to sell directly to a cash buyer/investor.  

There are pros/cons to both!  If you are looking to sell your home fast in Arlington, think through the different concepts.  If you decide to sell your home in Arlington to an investor…there are a few things you need to know!

When going through a traditional realtor, that realtor has been through education programs and also has to pass an exam to become a licensed agent.  The realtor pays to be a part of a brokerage and local board.

An investor can be anyone – they do not have to have formal training to purchase your home in Arlington.  It is important to vet a potential investor to ensure they are an experienced buyer.

There are reputable companies/investors that buyaz in Arlington.  A few questions you might want to ask:
How many homes have you purchased in the last year?
What are your plans with the home after the purchase?
What is your closing process?
How did they come up with the offer price?
I would also suggest asking for a “Proof of Funds” to ensure they are able to complete the transaction.

CasaSync Group can help you value the home and is transparent and experienced when working with clients.

Tips to find the perfect investor!

To find the right investor – start by reviewing their credentials and online reviews.  When speaking to the investor, ask if they are local or out of state.  You do not want to sell your home to an investor that is not familiar with Arlington and the DFW area.  They will not be able to give you the best price!

The investor should always review the property before closing.  Determine if they sound credible, or they just are looking to get a property in Arlington for a low price.

There are a lot of investors that buy homes in Arlington that are good and respectful – CasaSync Group will always be happy to talk you through that process better with no obligations.

Consider working with us – we are always transparent and respectful of your time.  If our company cannot give you the best price, we will tell you!

When it comes to selling your Arlington for cash to an investor – do your research and trust your gut!  We are always happy to talk through your situation and give you our thoughts or even just a free evaluation of what your property is worth.  

It is easy to reach out – call/text us at 817.291.0958!

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