Inherited Homes in Arlington – What Do You Do?

Have you inherited a home?  Read through with us to learn how to sell your inherited home in Arlington and surrounding areas.

There are generally two sides of these types of home sales in Arlington:  the emotional side of preparing your loved one’s home for sale…cleaning out belongings and visiting memories that might come from that – then there is working on valuing the property to sell.

When multiple heirs are involved, there is a chance for disagreement on how to handle the property regarding the price and paying off any liens that might be in play.

CasaSync Group has put together some tips to help you and your family have a successful scenario when selling the property.  If this is your family as you are selling your house in Arlington – review these tips!

Making the process simple

Get some tips

Work with professionals to get the best advice for your situation.  You need to know what your situation is with what is owed, what parties have a stake in the property.  Consulting an attorney can help you make sure the home you are selling in Arlington.  In other areas as far as value and what needs to be done to the house – contact us at and we can give you advice.

Next Step: Begin the probate process in Arlington

Beginning the process of selling your home in Arlington can be confusing.  Working with your attorney to start the probate process is the best place to start.  This can be simple process if all the heirs are in agreement with the path to selling the home in Arlington is.

Once the process has been completed through the courts, your inherited home in Arlington is ready to sell.  

Tax consideration

The tax costs are created by the value of home on the date that owner passed.  The difference between the profits of the sale of the home and the value is the amount that is taxed.

How to sell in Arlington Texas

Agreeing to sell

When you are ready to sell your home in Arlington, you can work with the executor to get permission to sell.  When heirs have different views on what should be done with the home or the price it should sell.  Your attorney can also provide resources to help your family.

Preparing to sell

When you are selling a home in Arlington that might need repairs, updating, removal of items before putting it on the market…there are other options!

You can hire an inspector to review necessary repairs.  They can give you wisdom on what might need to be repaired for an on-market sale.  Be prepared to spend around $400 for the inspector and then the cost of repairs needed.  

If that is not an option for you and the heirs – maybe y’all do not live in the area, you do not have the financial means, or simply the time…reach out to a professional homebuyer like CasaSync Group.  Our team will provide an all cash offer for the home AS IS!  You will not need to do any inspections, repairs, updates, or junk removal.  

Reach out to us at or call/text us anytime! 

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