How Can I Sell My Home And Not Use a Real Estate Agent/Professional?

Many folks want to quickly sell their home in Fort Worth without hiring a Real Estate Professional, CasaSync will certainly assist.  

Although we definitely work with brokers if you desire, it can sometimes be cheaper and easier to do it directly with us.  

It is cheaper because paying 5-7% of the sales price of your home is EXPENSIVE!  For example, just to sell your $200k home, that would be $10,000 to $14,000!  Sometimes Fort Worth, TX brokers and Real Estate Professionals can add a lot of value to the process and genuinely earn the 5-7% that you’ve got to pay for their services.  But that isn’t always the case. 

The aim of this blog is to show you ways to not pay commissions in your Fort Worth home sale.   

You’ve got to know and manage that almost HALF of the fees come out of YOUR sales price and go directly to BROKER for distribution to the agents.  That means that almost half of the commission you are paying is for the BUYER of your property.  Pretty silly, actually. 

Also, when you are looking on Zillow or other sites, the total price you see INCLUDES these fees to Agents and Brokers – so you’ve got to take that into account.

Don’t list your price for lower than what it is worth!  It seems obvious, but when you do this, buyers will jump on the property, buy it quickly, and you’ll be negating the work the Realtor could have done for you.  In Fort Worth, buyers that don’t have an agent won’t remember to account for the buyer’s side commission – so you’ve got to remind them that you won’t be paying for those commissions. 

To help you in these negotiations, you might offer 2% to the buyer’s agents who are bringing along prospective home buyers.  But if you don’t give SOMETHING to the buyer’s agent – they probably won’t bring buyers.

Did you know that most all transactions happen through the MLS?  The MLS stands for Multiple Listing Service.  The MLS collects all homes for all sellers that are represented by an agent and puts them out for all Realtors to see.  It also contains data on what the sell price was – which can help with the determination of what you sell your home for. 

In the early days of the MLS, you had to pay an agent the full commission to get your home on the MLS.  Now in Fort Worth you can just pay a broker directly and they’ll get your home listed.  This can be a much cheaper way to get your home on the MLS.  It can be a super cheap way to get your home out there!

Most all of the big real estate sites are,,, so when you submit on one of these sites, they’ll generally show up on all of them.  

Spending money on ads can be a challenge.  Things like and most newspapers are overrun with spam, so it’s likely your home won’t be seen. 

Marketing Is Everything!

You could choose to put up signs and fliers around town to get some calls, and of course we discussed a couple free sites above, but you are narrowing your group of buyers this way.  The reason Realtors charge a bunch of commission is because they can generally get your home in front of tons of prospective buyers.  That said, it may cost you $5,000-$10,000 to get a broad reach of marketing to get in front of the right buyers if you market in your town. 

If you want to sell without paying an agent or paying commissions, you can sell to cash investors for homes with a company like ours. 

At CasaSync Group, we pay fair prices for homes and can close very quickly.  In some cases we’ve closed in under a week!  

Generally when we buy a home, we fix it up and then rent them out.  Sometimes we clean it up and sell it to a prospective home buyer.  

That said, if you are interested in selling quickly, for cash, without paying any commissions, please reach out to us today!  

We are local and care greatly for the Fort Worth marketplace!

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