Cash for my Arlington House? Will it Be a Fair Offer?

Whatever your motivation is for selling your home in Arlington – you need to consider selling in Arlington fast!  There are professional buyers that can give you fair and honest offers like CasaSync Group.

We will be talking about how to sell your home in Arlington and learn more about if you can get a fair cash offer.  

How Professional Home Buyers Work in Arlington! 

Working to find the perfect homebuyer in Arlington can be difficult.  You need to feel good about the company you work with to give access to your property.  Here are some things to consider when you are working with a company that buys homes in Arlington. 

Look over the following tips and tricks for how the process of home buying in Arlington with an investor works. You can read more about this on our website as well.

Price & Time?

When selling your home in Arlington, you will not get full retail value when accepting a cash offer.  To get full market value for your home in Arlington, it needs to be listed on the open market with a real estate professional.  This process can take up to six months to be sold and funded.  You will also pay commissions and fees (usually around 6%).  So it comes down to this…

Do you have time to get full market value and pay 6ish% additional of the sales price.  


Do you want to look at your time and get an offer below market value.

Price or Time! 

Investors look at the top market value of the property after all repairs have been made and any needed updates.  They look at the costs those repairs and updates would cost, including their profit and that is how the offer is prepared!

CasaSync Group can talk you through the process with zero obligations.  We want to make sure every property we work with knows all their options!

Research & Trust 

Research and trust your gut when working with a professional home buyer.  Consider asking for references and seeing their transparency when talking over you. 

Sadly, there are people out there that will want to take advantage of you.  At CasaSync Group you can always ask questions and we will encourage you to get other bids and talk with other investors.

When you are ready, we are!! 

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