4 Advantages To Selling Your Property To An Investor Over A Traditional Buyer

If you are looking to sell, you have a variety of options.  You are probably trying to decide how to sell to get the most money and the best results.  Read our post to see the advantages of using an investor over a Real Estate professional in Fort Worth.

In the Fort Worth area housing market, there are several options for moving a property.  Your real estate agent can list your property on the MLS for a potential retail buyer…or you can do the work yourself and try to find a buyer.  Finally, you have the option to work directly with a real estate investor who buys homes with cash fast.  


In the open market with a real estate agent, the buyer for your home has to be found through another agent – this process can be long and laborious. It can take months to find the buyer and over a month to close once the buyer is found.  When working with an investor, cash offers are generally made within 24-48 hours and the closing is on your timeline.  Since there are no “buyer searches”, you already know there is no waiting.

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No Repairs

When working with traditional buyers on the open market, your home pictures are the key to the sales process.  Clean rooms, all items repaired (or you must be willing to make repairs during the negotiations).  When you work with an investor, they purchase homes AS-IS.  That means NO costly repairs, NO cleanup, and NO worrying about what will come during negotiations.  

Those costly repairs also mean hiring and dealing with contractors and then one problem will turn into another.  Investors will take a discount cost on your property if there are repairs/clean up that needs to be done.  The costs are just a small price to pay to not deal with the hassle! 

No Guessing

When working with a retail buyer, you will have to guess what they offer and what they will ask for during the negotiations process.  You also risk the appraisal coming back lower than the agreed upon price and so much more that can cause stress and anxiety during the process…especially if you have a contingency offer on another home.  

Getting an offer from an investor is a quick process! You don’t have to take the investor’s offer, there is always NO obligation, but it is a great idea to help you make the best decision for you and your family.

With all the options to sell your home, keep in mind working with investors, it could be the best option for you and your family! 

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